tisdag 6 februari 2018

New single out now!

Sorry for the lack of updates at Camp 2120's, but it has been some issues with computers and such here at the homebase.
That is being solved as we speak.

BUT the good news is, that the second single SILVER & GOLD taken from the upcoming album WELLKNOWN STRANGERS is out now on all digital platforms there is known to man!

There is also some intense work for some touring in the fall, so stay tuned for more info!
Cheers all you good people!

onsdag 24 januari 2018

Ready for the weekend!

There will a second single out  called Silver & Gold on saturday the 27th of January, taken from the upcoming album WELLKNOWN STRANGERS.
I'm so psyched for you all to hear this bad boy of a song that will make your body wanna dance and love your neighbour!
It will be out on all digital outlets of your choice of course.

There's also a video coming the very same saturday for you all to enjoy.

And some news about the touring this year I have some great news for you in the pipeline, so stay tuned for some more info, good times are coming your way!

And there's also more one off shows coming up pretty soon, both in Sweden and on the European mainland, awesome stuff coming soon!

Cheers from the Captain!

torsdag 19 oktober 2017

More shows and more recordings!

The show at Pustervik in Gothenburg was a great success with a packed house!
It felt so nice to get all that love from everyone, I love you so much!!!
You guys mean the world to me, for real!!!

Here are a great photo from the show!
Photo credit goes to the legendary Markus Miramar

There will be some more shows in mainland Europe during 2018, hopefully both with the band and soloshows so keep your fingers crossed.
More info will come soon.
There are also some cool recordings are being done as we speak, you will soon be aware for sure, some may end up as bonustracks, some will end up somewhere else further down the road so stay tuned lovers!

Keep spreading the love!

tisdag 26 september 2017

Yes box, today is the day!!

Today is the day I release the first taste of the upcoming album WELLKNOWN STRANGERS.
I'm superstoked about this, it's 2.18 minutes of pure bliss!

It will also be available on most streamingsites, so jump the web and download, buy or stream it whenever you want!
Share it to your friends & lovers

There's more to come!
Love from the captain!

torsdag 7 september 2017

New badass show coming up!

Yes box, this very saturday, september 9th I will do a soloshow at one of the coolest places around in this country!
At 16:00 I will enter the stage at PHONOBAR.COM in Älghult, Sweden
It will be legendary!

Some more great news are coming in, so stay tuned and keep check in with us!

Spread the love!

söndag 30 juli 2017

New show coming up!

Yes box, there will be another solo-show at the supercool FLAKTRÄFF in Gårdsryd Sweden the 26th of august.
I'll air some songs from the upcoming album, as well as some classics and some unreleased stuff, not to be missed!
It's a vintage car meeting fair, there will be alot of cool american vintage pickups and other beautiful classic american cars.

More info will come soon about this fab event, so keep on checking in!

Also there's some loose plans of a european tour next year, so fingers crossed on that one!
I know there's been a lack of touring the past year due various reasons, but hopefully that is about to be changed!

Keep checking in for updates and don't forget to love one and another!

tisdag 27 juni 2017

New album and a festivalshow!

Yes box people!
The new album WELLKNOWN STRANGERS is now ready, there's only some supercool artwork to be done!
The release will be sometime during early winter, and single will also be released late september, so psyched over this fantastic album and can't wait to let you all listen and dance to it!!

It's been such joyful ride to make this album, I can't thank my mentor, friend, extradaddy & producer Tiger Ragnstam enough, and of course the rest of the band Krister Selander and Anders Rane.
There's so much talent in these guys it almost makes me scared!

So soon there's new music for ya'll to enjoy!

And, I will do one show this summer!
I will play a soloshow at Säljerydsfestivalen, just outside Växjö the 7th of july.
It will be so much fun, I will air some of the new songs and also some old gems of course.
I'll play at Kafe Scenen at16.00 sharp friday the 7th of july, tune in and share the love!

So have an fantastic summer and we'll see a lot more of each other in fall!

Loads of love